The Here & Now: A collective of Brooklyn-based artists exploring ephemeral forms across media

The Here & Now presents documentation of projects by the collective Future Archaeology as well as original artworks by each of its members. The show explores themes of ephemerality and the specificity of time and place. Using a variety of media—sculpture, film, sound, photography—the show connects our present situation to an imagined future.


Heather Dewey-Hagborg

Totem, 2010
Winterstone, foam, electronics and custom software
3' x 7' x 3'
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Thomas Dexter

Improvisations, 2007–2010
Leader film, copper tubing, projector

Ellie Irons

Dissolution, 2010
Locally gathered branches, refuse, water & earth from Newtown Creek and surrounding environs
Dimensions variable (installation)
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Joseph Moore

Meaning in Mistakes (version 3), 2010
Television, etched text
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Dan Phiffer

Shoot w/o card: On, Review time: Hold, Auto power off: Off, 2010
Photography performance using three digital SLRs with flash memory removed
30" x 15" x 10"
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Matthew Radune

Architecture on the Verge, 2010
Video Projections
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About the artworks

Heather Dewey-Hagborg presents Totem, which listens to sound in its immediate environment and builds a lexicon and grammar of discrete units to reassemble and vocalize as a kind of imaginary language.

Thomas Dexter has assembled Improvisations, a film installation composed of painted leader film the artist has accumulated from live film performances over the past three years. Displayed on reconfigured projector hardware and copper tubing, the film's original function is apparent but inaccessible.

Ellie Irons has constructed a site-specific installation Dissolution which relies on water from three local sources: English Kills/Newtown Creek, New York City tap water, and Poland Springs bottles. These are frozen into sculptural forms that slowly melt over the course of the installation, referencing processes of erosion and the dispersal of nutrients and contaminants through the water cycle.

Joseph Moore will be showing the third version of Meaning in Mistakes, a series of a works exploring complexities of misreading. In this version the etched screen of a television displays a multilayered text that can deciphered in two ways.

Dan Phiffer will be showing Shoot w/o card: On, Review time: Hold, Auto power off: Off, an ephemeral street photography performance using cameras with their flash memory cards removed.

Matt Radune will be showing a video describing his process in conceptualizing the phenomenal installation Ice House last winter. These images, shown in quick succession, draw on the process of nature overtaking human built architectural forms.

One day only

BETA Spaces 2010
November 14, 2010, 12–7pm
Morgan Ave L train stop
Morgan Ave & Grattan St
#16 on the program map