IndexFestival of Media + Culture

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center
596 Broadway, #602
7–8pm, free

This panel (or moreso a roundtable) brings together artists who engage in the breaking down of analogue and digital systems through practice. Issues surrounding, documentation, preserving experience, and media obsolescence with be raised along with changing roles of artists-as-inventor, place for artists who work "outside the box" and community.

AUGUST 19th PERFORMANCE: [Mis]Adventures in Manipulation
Millenium Film Workshop
66 E 4th St (between Bowery and Second Ave)
7pm doors open, performances start at 8pm, $10

Performances by artists who repurpose, hack or deconstruct tools to produce sound and/or light for time-based performances. The selected artists have built instrumentation using various and varied media formats. In a Frankenstonian spirit, these artists fashion composite instruments, for the purpose of engaging further into the intangible experience. Expanding out, these events will be broadcast both on radio and public television.