The Northside Town Hall Community and Cultural Center Present

An Investigation into the Cybernetic Nature of Ecosystems

Future Archaeology is a new artistic collaboration between Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Ellie Irons, Joseph Moore, Dan Phiffer, and Matthew Radune, investigating the cybernetic nature of ecosystems. The first work by Future Archeology is called Canopy Assemblage, a one night only viewing of a living/synthetic ecosystem. The raw space of Williamsburg's old firehouse 212 will be transformed into a nebulous territory inhabited by a networked system of light and sound. Viewers will be invited to peer into this dark void from the street, experiencing a landscape that echoes a range of dynamic systems, from fireflies in the tree tops to the far flung constellations of deep space.

Friday May 7, 2010 7–10 PM
Engine 212 Firehouse
134 Wythe Avenue
Williamsburg Brooklyn

212 firehouse